Living the Gospel

Our mission is to care for the poor and needy.  We do this as a community and individually!


For the next 3 months, MMOJ will be donating funds for gas to support the missionary aid going into the Bahamas to bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Dorian. You may also make an online donation by going to

Bahamas Relief – Immediate Need

Collection of items will be limited to the specific items on the list
and must be delivered to the Agape hangar by

DELIVERY HOURS ARE Monday – Friday 8AM – 4PM
Friday, October 11 – Thursday, October 17

The food will be distributed to families in Freeport, Bahamas.

Kraft Mac and Cheese (dry mix in a box)
Canned soups
Canned beef
Tuna in water
Canned sardines in tomato juice or oil
Vienna sausages
Ramen Noodles in cups
Carnation evaporated milk

Pop top cans are preferable but not required.

Please help our volunteers by presorting and boxing like items.

sarasota united for responsibility and equity (S.U.R.E.)


Members of Mary Mother of Jesus work with Sarasota United for Responsibility and Equity (S.U.R.E.) an organization made up of 19 congregations unite to form a powerful voice to press for necessary change in the Sarasota like affordable housing for low income and restorative justice practices in schools in place of out of school suspensions.

Our pastoral care members visit the sick and elderly to offer comfort and liturgy.

Bishop Bridget Mary’s daily ministry is to feed the homeless. Our members also support this ministry by contributing to feeding the hungry and housing the homeless.  We, also, work with other faith communities to present and discuss topics that divide us, God’s beloved, and search for ways to create unity and equity.

Bridget Mary & Cookie