Living the Gospel

Our mission is to care for the poor and needy.  We do this as a community and individually!

This Quarter’s Mission for Giving: Harvest House

Harvest House – Youth Services

For young adults who aspire to go higher. Homeless young adults, ages 16 ? 24, come from a history of insufficient support systems, various types of abuse, episodes in and out of the foster care system, parents with addiction, and homelessness as children. As children age out these situations, they are often expected to become a productive member of society on their own. However, the extreme privilege gaps that these youth experience make them vulnerable to a cycle of poverty and homelessness for generations to come. To make a contribution go to

sarasota united for responsibility and equity (S.U.R.E.)


Members of Mary Mother of Jesus work with Sarasota United for Responsibility and Equity (S.U.R.E.) an organization made up of 19 congregations unite to form a powerful voice to press for necessary change in the Sarasota like affordable housing for low income and restorative justice practices in schools in place of out of school suspensions.

Our pastoral care members visit the sick and elderly to offer comfort and liturgy.

Bishop Bridget Mary’s daily ministry is to feed the homeless. Our members also support this ministry by contributing to feeding the hungry and housing the homeless.  We, also, work with other faith communities to present and discuss topics that divide us, God’s beloved, and search for ways to create unity and equity.

Bridget Mary & Cookie